19. Murder on the Orient Express, New Star Wars Trilogy and Disney Buying Fox?

November 13, 2017

James, Thomas, and Lachie discuss Murder on the Orient Express, the latest adaption of the classic novel. Also on the table is the new Star Wars trilogy and Live Action series that Disney announced. Plus, the rumours of Disney buying out Fox, and what that could mean for the X-Men, and MCU.


1:38 News (Dark Universe, Shazam, Black Adam)

16:12 Disney potentially buying Fox

28:30 New Star Wars Trilogy and Live-action series

39:08 Murder on the Orient Express No Spoilers

1:09:05 Murder on the Orient Express SPOILERS

1:17:15 Recommendations (Bojack Horseman, House of Cards (UK), Mindhunter)


Thanks for listening, tune in next week for Justice League!


18. Lion King Cast, Fast and Furious FEUD, and Angus Sampson

November 6, 2017

Thomas and Steven join James to discuss the big movie and TV news of the week, including the Lion King cast announcement, potential Nightwing cast, the Rock/Tyrese feud and the career of Australian actor Angus Sampson


2:10 News

2:28 Lord of the Rings TV series

5:15 Lion King cast


23:05 DC News (Shazam, Nightwing)

29:22 Marvel News (Runaways, New Warriors, Avengers 4)

40:15 The career of Angus Sampson

1:08:04 Conclusion



17. Thor: Ragnarok

October 31, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok has hit Aussie cinemas. James is reunited with Thomas and Nick, the very first guests on the podcast, to discuss it. 

We also get into all things to do with the news of the week, especially the Shazam casting and the Dora the Explorer episode. 

Thanks for listening.

1:48 News

22:18 Thor: Ragnarok No Spoilers

51:40 Thor: Ragnarok SPOILERS

1:27:20 Recommendations (American Vandal, Battlestar Galactica)





16. Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Trailer Talk

October 23, 2017

With Thor: Ragnarok just around the corner James and Steven get into the first two Thor films on this week's episode. There's also plenty of movie news including new trailers for Star Wars, Justice League, New Mutants, and Black Panther; plus Punisher release date, Divergent news and MORE.

1:10 News

32:15 Thor: The First Thor

43:20 Thor: The Dark World

1:06:20 The epic tale of Throg

1:16:45 Recommendations: The Good Place, Gotham


Thanks for listening



15. Australian Survivor season 2

October 12, 2017

We love Australian Survivor here at Fantastic Fools, so we thought we'd go into more detail with a podcast episode about the last week of the season.

James is joined by Carla and George to talk about the last week, the big players of the season and the future of the show.


For those wondering, we skipped the news segment this week, all of that stuff (including the Last Jedi Trailer) will be discussed next week.


Thans for listening!


14. Blade Runner 2049

October 9, 2017

James is joined by Nick and first-timer Jack to discuss all things Blade Runner 2049, along with the news of the week. 

1:32 News

19:50 Blade Runner 2049 No Spoilers

43:40 Blade Runner 2049 SPOILERS

1:20:36 Closing remarks (Mad Men The Orville, The Good Place, Star Trek Discovery)


Thanks for listening!


13. Rick and Morty, Star Trek Discovery, and Bojack Horseman

October 3, 2017

It's animation time on this episode of the Fantastic Fools! 

Rick & Morty and Bojack Horseman are the topic of today's podcast. 

The boys also discuss the premiere of Star Trek Discovery and other news of the week. 


1:37 News

14:30 Rick and Morty Season 3

47:07 Rick and Morty FINALE SPOILERS

52:45 Bojack Horseman Season 4

1:20:10 Star Trek Discovery Premiere

1:31:30 Conclusion


12. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

September 24, 2017

The lads talk Kingsman: The Golden Circle on this episode of the Fantastic Fools podcast.

James, Charlie and Lachie all have opinions.


Thanks for listening!


 0:43 News

23:10 Kingsman: The Golden Circle No Spoilers

37:32 Kingsman: The Golden Circle SPOILERS

1:15:15 Recommendations and Closing


11. Emoji Movie and Harry Dean Stanton

September 18, 2017

The emoji movie may indeed trigger the downfall of western civilisation as we know it. 

Listen to James chat with Thomas and Steven about it, as well as the career of Harry Dean Stanton and all of the news of the week. 


1:08 News

18:22 The Emoji "movie"

1:00:03 The career of Harry Dean Stanton

1:08:35 Closing comments and edgy political humour


Thanks for listening



10. Kingsman: The Secret Service and Andrea Riseborough

September 11, 2017

With Kingsman: The Golden Circle only a few weeks away Steven and Nick join James to discuss the original film; Kingsman: The Secret Service and the original comic book. 

As always the lads also discuss the weekly movie news.

This week's VFP is English actress Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Oblivion).

1:20 News

29:12 Kingsman: The Secret Service SPOILERS

57:30 The career of Andrea Riseborough

1:15:40 IT, Bojack Horseman and Closing Remarks


Thanks for listening!