32. Annihilation

March 19, 2018

Netflix has released Alex Garland's new Sci-Fi film Annihilation to international audiences. We checked it out, and had plenty of thoughts on the mind-bending thriller. 


Thanks for listening

0:47 News (Shia Labeouf biopic, Infinity War trailer, Tommy Wiseau in Scary Love trailer and more)

22:00 Annihilation non-spoilers (but really you should just watch the movie first)

30:45 Annihilation SPOILERS

50:37 Recommendations (Stranger Things, Marvel Netflix-verse, What we do in the Shadows)


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31. The Future of the MCU and the Oscars

March 6, 2018

After tackling the future of the DCEU last week; the fools now turned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a whole bunch of newly announced release dates, there's plenty to specualte about for the mega-franchise. 


1:15 News

14:12 The Oscars

19:00 The future of the MCU

56:44 Star Wars Rebels (Time Travel in Star Wars?)

1:04:07 Watchlist and Closing


Thanks for listening!


30. The (confusing) future of the DCEU

February 26, 2018

DC has over 20 films that are "in development". This week, James, Thomas and Steven go through all of the behind the scenes turmoil at Warner Brothers, to try to see which films will actually happen, and where the future of the DCEU should go. 


1:18 News

8:40 The Future of DC

10:05 Films with release dates (Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, Shazam)

24:20 Films without release dates (including The Batman, Flashpoint, Birds of Prey, Justice League Dark and many, many more)


Thanks for listening!


29. Black Panther

February 18, 2018

The Fools share their thoughts on Black Panther, the newest huge release from Marvel Studios. 

We talk characters, action scenes, the future of Wakanda and more!


1:30 News

8:00 Black Panther No Spoilers

23:10 Black Panther SPOILERS

43:55 Closing and recommendations


28. Superbowl Trailer Bonanza

February 12, 2018

It's been a huge week of trailers, James, Thomas and Charlie get into all of them with hilarious results. Check it out!


2:30 Deadpool 2

11:07 Skyscraper

13:20 Mission Impossible: Fallout

16:00 Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom

20:35 Jessica Jones Season 2

30:50 Avengers: Infinity War

36:00 DC News

39:07 Cloverfield Paradox

40:05 Han Solo, and the Beniof and Weiss series

48:11 Venom, Round the Twist, and Closing



27. Darkest Hour, The Post and the Ant Man and the Wasp Trailer

February 3, 2018

We're back and better than ever!

This week the Fantastic Fools Podcast returns with a look at the new trailer for Ant Man and the Wasp, as well as a look at two oscar nominated films: The Post and Darkest Hour

Thanks for listening as always. 

1:08 News (Ant Man and The Wasp, Mr Rogers Biopic, Fantastic Beasts is Weird and Poorly Planned)

21:35 Darkest Hour

34:00 The Post

47:02 Recommendations (Donnie Darko, Merlin, The End of the F***ing World)


26. Best and Worst of 2017 awards!

January 8, 2018

2017 was a weird and wonderful ride. The fools give out some Freddo awards for the best and worst of the year. Thanks to everyone who has listened over the course of the year!


1:45 Best Comic Book Movie

7:46 Best Comic Book TV Series

12:34 Best Action Scene

19:23 Best Cameo

25:34 Best Meme

30:50 Saddest Death

38:20 Best Moment

44:10 Worst Moment

54:37 Best Part of a Bad Movie

57:00 Best use of a John Denver Song

1:00:08 Best Original Film

1:02:36 Worst Thing That Should Have Been Great

1:05:27 Best Thing That Should Have Been Terrible

1:11:17 The "we get it" Award

1:15:12 Best Divisive Movie

1:17:15 Worst Movie

1:20:18 Best Movie


1:25:55 Closing (The Greatest Showman) 


25. Most Anticipated Movies of 2018!!

December 30, 2017

The fools get together to discuss all of the anticipated films of 2018, from Avengers: Infinity War to Gnomeo and Juliet 2: Sherlock Gnolmes. Make sure to check it out to get the full list of big releases coming in the next year. 


Make sure you follow the Facebook page and the Youtube channel. Youtube in particular is gonna ramp up soon, so pay attention!


24. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

December 19, 2017

It's finally Star Wars time! The lads discuss all the talking points of the most anticipated film of the year. 

Plus, the aquisition of 20th Century Fox


0:48 News (Golden Globe nominations, Punisher season 2)

6:25 Disney buys 20th Century Fox, all the talking points! X-Men! Fantastic Four, Alien, Percy Jackson, Narnia, Simpsons, Hulu's Future, New Hope, and More

25:34 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Free

39:13 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoilers

1:20:05 Reccomendations and closing (The Meyerowitz Stories: New and Selected, Black Mirror)


23. The Disaster Artist and Trailer Time

December 12, 2017

Nick joins James to discuss the Disaster Artist, one of the most anticipated films of the year. We also get into all of the trailers and movie news that came this week.


1:10 News. Star Trek with Tarantino, Robin Hood Movie, Ready Player One, Detective Pikachu, Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer, X-Men, Marvel, DC


35:50 The Disaster Artist (semi-spoilers)

1:04:13 Recommendations (Outlander, Black Mirror, Agents of SHIELD)